Keine Delikatessen turns into Balkan Delikatessen

Keine Delikatessen turns into Balkan Delikatessen
In its 19th issue „Silence“ the literature magazine KEINE DELIKATESSEN


Keine Delikatessen turns into Balkan Delikatessen
In its 19th issue Keine Delikatessen turns into Balkan Delikatessen and takes a close look at the topic „silence“. Next to contributions from Austria, Germany and Switzerland the issue will particularly contain texts from the southeast european region and and will be issued multilingually.

Keine Delikatessen
… is published by Sarah Legler and Maria Seisenbacher since its founding in 2003. Each issue contains a mix of renowned and (yet) unknown authors from all over the German-speaking region. Every cover is exclusively designed by the visual artist Karin Ziegelwanger, every text is accompanied by works of fotographer Sabine Ziegelwanger. For this issue the editorial staff is reinforced by Angelika Welebil.
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This theme is meant to encourage the authors not only to write (and read) between the lines but also to confront themselves with the different forms and motives of silence. Although literature needs the written or rather the spoken word it can adress and reflect silence, make its protagonists remain silent, silently withhold themes, use silence as stylistic device and even go beyond all that: Because even if silence is a nonverbal form of communication, it is always a part of the communication that enables informations, opinions and meanings to be shown.

„Silence“ is a very wide ranging topic and should motivate the authors to deal with it freely, to let their own associations, descriptions, experiences, thoughts melt into their literary texts. Silence within art, especially within literature should be dealt with in articles and essays from the point of view of literary studies.

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